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Products By Bit14

Simple, user-friendly mobile applications to create viable solutions for individuals and businesses alike!


Free Online Portable Clipboard, No Login, No Hassle!

Multi Countdown Timer

Use the Multi Countdown Timer app to create and run multiple countdown timers at once.

One Eyed Jack

Beat your phone and get rewards by creating a pattern of 5 cards: horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

Battery Usage

The simplest battery app displays the battery level and the estimated battery time left based on the usage.

Pocket Ruler

Measure anything in inches or centimeters, anytime, anywhere with the Pocket Ruler.

Agile Compass

An easy-to-use high precision compass app to help you find out your current location and the direction you are headed.

Tilt Alert

Hold your phone against any object to measure the tilt of a surface. The app is a digital equivalent of a spirit-level tool or inclinometer.